classic and contemporary

Q:  Where are you located?

A:  1424 Queen Anne Ave. N, Seattle WA  98109.   Top of Queen Anne ave,  across from CHASE bank.

Q:  Whats the parking situation?

A:  3 free 1hr spots and 1 30min spot right in front of shop, frequent turn over so there is a spot available usually.  Also, free angle parking across the street.

Q:  What are you hours?  

A:  Currently, everyday from 9am to 6pm

Q:  Do you take walk ins?

A:  No, never have.  Q: Why  A:  Helps us manage work flow and clients know what to expect.

Q:  How much for a cut?

A:  $50, $40 if military (see home page for rest of price list)

Q:  Do you do fades?  

A:  Yes.  Q:  Who does the best ones?  A:  We are all capable

Q:  Is your shop a safe space?

A:  Yes, always has been and always will be.  We have never discriminated/judged based on sex, gender, orientation, identification, politics or religion.  We try our best to keep politics, religion, etc out of the shop (no signs in windows, etc) so everyone feels welcome and accepted.  Its Seattle, its 2022 and all diversity is celebrated.  

Q:  I don't see any available appointments, are you open?  Can I come in?  

A:  The reason you don't see a spot open is b/c they are all booked.  Sometimes a day or two in advance, pls click on a day that shows open spots.

Q:  Is there a email/text wait list notification?

A:  Yes, Square now offers a waitlist!

Q:  Why don't you answer the phone?

A:  We can't afford a front desk person, and it takes time away from clients in the chair.  We tried to answer most questions on website and voice mail greeting.

Q:  Do you cut children's hair?

A:  Yes, but strongly prefer 10yrs old and up. Q:  Why?  A:  Our tools are very sharp, kids have delicate skin and don't sit stil, we don't want to cut them.

Q:  Are dogs ok?

A:  Yes, always!

Q:  Do you do long hair?

A:  We try not to.  Q:  Why?  A:  We are not very good at it, salons have a lot more experience.

Q:  Do you do women's hair?

A:  If you have a short hair, fade, man's hair style, otherwise... see above.  There is a salon right next door to us!

Q:  Scotch or Tequila?  

A:  Mostly Tequila and Mezcal.  

Q:  I just graduated and am building my portfolio, can I re do your site for free b/c it looks like shit.

A:  No.  Pls don't email again.  

Q:  I am a sales rep for "fill in the blank", are you interested?

A:  No.  Pls stop calling.